13 Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas and What They Cost – Houzz Article

We here at Diablo Valley Cabinetry are always discussing unique kitchen storage ideas with our clients. This recent article from Houzz shows some interesting ideas to consider when planning your kitchen project. Each member of our design team always reviews the pro’s and con’s of all the storage options and works with you to develop a unique plan tailored to you families needs and conditions.

Kitchen Island Make-over

An impressive island, including appliances and storage space.

Everyone talks about how the kitchen is the heart of the home and we think they are right. It’s where we come together with our friends and family to have meals, chat, and enjoy ourselves. In some remodels completely changing the footprint of your kitchen can become as big a headache as the check you have to write for it. A great way to solve that problem is by creating a kitchen island of your dreams. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen island is the heartbeat. It’s where everything happens and the very spot that brings people together.


Kitchen islands can be an added value to the home if you plan correctly. As an additional workspace, an island gives you a feeling of ease and comfort while working in the kitchen. No one wants to be cramped up on a small counter when you have the huge open space of your island. There is nothing worse than two people preparing a meal and tripping over each other.


Another woe in kitchen remodels is storage space. Where will items go once you change your kitchen? Will you be able to find more space so there is less clutter on the counter? The answer is yes, you can find the space for everything you have with an island. The beauty of the island is that it provides ample space on the counter for working and tons of space for storage and organization. Use this area for things that aren’t regularly used or are too large for your countertop like some small appliances.

Appliances and Creativity

Islands are a wonderful place to customize and show your creativity too. If you are looking to add a little spice into your new kitchen design, taking a chance on the island is your best bet. With the opportunity to change the countertop, add customized pieces and introduce color in the island, it’s smart to upgrade this area. When it comes to customization, the island provides you with even more options for appliances. An island is the perfect place for a wine cooler, second microwave, dishwasher or a prep sink.

Consider creating a stellar island in your kitchen remodel and you won’t be disappointed with how it adds space, functionality and personality into your kitchen.

Via Companion Cabinet

What is a Trend?

We hear the word “trend” associated with many of the products we purchase. In the world of design, trend describes a design approach currently being used by numerous designers. When the word “trending” is used, that information is typically based on market research of what people have actually purchased in recent fiscal periods.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association recently did a survey of over 350 designers across the United States and Canada to determine overall Kitchen and Bath trends for 2012. The list they compiled included things such as darker finishes, glass backsplashes, and shades of gray.

But just how important are trends when deciding on a unified kitchen or bath design? A good kitchen and bath designer will consider many things when helping clients choose their cabinetry such as the architectural style of the home, the way the family uses the kitchen or bath, the style of the furnishings the family owns, and the color tones used in other rooms throughout the house.

While it might be fun to consider trendy materials when compiling your project wish list, be prepared to leave them out of the overall design. For instance, glass backsplashes might look sparkling in one setting and gaudy in others, and dark or gray stains can look very rich in some spaces while they might make other rooms seem gloomy. Trendy materials should bring cohesiveness to a design and should not be incorporated just for the sake of the trend itself.

The Dollars and ‘Sense’ of a Kitchen Remodel

One of the most common questions we hear from people who visit our showroom for the first time is, “Generally speaking, how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?” We wish there was an easy answer to that question, but there are too many factors to consider. Here is a short list of variables that will impact the overall cost of a kitchen remodel:

  • The size of the kitchen, and whether the space is being reconfigured.
  • Plumbing and electrical needs and changes.
  • The quality of the cabinetry, the options, and the trims.
  • The type of countertop material.
  • The brand of appliances.
  • The type of flooring material.
  • The quality of plumbing and lighting fixtures.
  • The going rate for a dependable licensed contractor in your area.

Before you begin to consider the items listed above, first determine the total amount you can comfortably afford to spend. Next, let your designer know, to the best of your knowledge, what the scope of the work will include. Be realistic about the cost of adding numerous options and trims to your project. Finally, keep in mind that the most visible item you will purchase is the cabinetry, so be sure to choose a reputable cabinetry showroom with experienced designers to help you make the best selection for your project and budget.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry, NARI, has a helpful worksheet for determining how much you can afford to finance for a home remodel project:

Go to > http://www.nari.org > Homeowners > Budget

The Craftsmen Network has a helpful cost calculator:

Go to > http://www.craftsmennetwork.com/calculators-kitchen.html

GO – Get Organized

There is no time like the holidays to make us realize the value of a well-organized home. Decorating the house makes all the out of place items look like meaningless clutter. One home improvement that is growing in popularity is the built-in mail center or home office. Whether converting a small hallway nook or entire room, there are many options for creating the perfect organizational center for any space.

Cost vs. Value of Remodeling

If you are concerned about investing money in remodeling your current home, here are a few things to consider:

1) What is the current value of your home as it is?

2) What is the estimated increased value of the remodel project? (see link below)

3) Will remodeling your home enhance your quality of life?

The following link is a report that shows the cost vs. value of remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area for 2011-12: http://www.remodeling.hw.net/2011/costvsvalue/division/pacific/city/san-francisco–ca.aspx

If the estimated increased value doesn’t convince you it would be worthwhile to remodel your home, then also consider the years of increased quality of life you will enjoy once your project is completed. Perhaps an updated kitchen will make entertaining family and friends more fun, or a newly designed bathroom will make space for that soaking tub you’ve always wanted. All the value should not be measured in terms of dollars alone.

Aging in Place Sensibilities

1) Accessible entries with safe well lit walkways.

2) Lever style door knobs and faucets for easy access.

3) Fewer transitions in flooring and non-skid surfaces.

4) Sensor light switches and LED night lighting.

5) Seated work stations in kitchen and bath.

6) Special cabinet features for added accessibility.

7) Easily accessible appliances.