What does a Kitchen Remodel Really Cost – How to Budget

What does a kitchen cost? You ultimately decide by the scope of your project, the products you select and the services you like.

At the outset of almost every project, the question our design team is always asked is “How much will this cost?”. Seems like a simple question, but there are many variables involved in arriving at a representative budget range for your Kitchen Remodel Project. The simple answer we provide to customers in our area is anywhere from $40,000 to $75,000+ depending on the size of the kitchen, if you are making any structural changes to your home, etc.

Every year, the NKBA (The National Kitchen and Bath Association) publishes a Kitchen Planner tool (See image right side) which outlines expected cost ranges for each component making up your kitchen remodel. These numbers are looked at on an annual basis and can help homeowners get an idea of what to budget for each area. The 3 – 4 components making up approximately 70% of your remodel costs include Installation (your contractor) (17%), Appliances (10%), Countertops (10%) and Cabinetry (29%). These ranges can vary depending on your personal tastes and what is important to you and your family as you start down the path of considering a remodel project. See chart below from NKBA Kitchen Planning Tool.

Money Magazine recently published an online article referencing this research as well. See link below.


Some additional friendly words of advice as you start the process:

  • Get a detailed, line item estimate from your contractor. Most contractors when providing an initial estimate will make allowances for unknown selections at the time of the initial bid. When you are comparing estimates these allowances most often will make up the pricing differences. Remember, you have control over the final cost of these allowances based on your actual selections.
  • Plan for unknowns. It is prudent to plan on 10% – 20% above your budget for unforeseen things that come up. Hidden construction defects that need to be addressed, that specialty finish, appliance or hardware that you really want, etc. It is ok to go slightly over your budget for something you truly value. You and your family will be enjoying the remodeled space for many years to come and the last thing you want to do is wish you had spent a little bit more to get what you really want.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Diablo Valley Cabinetry!

As we finish out 2011, I am thinking of all the beautiful new kitchens our clients will be enjoying as they prepare their holiday meals.

While books seem to have given way to eReaders, I still think a cookbook is a wonderful gift for any cooking enthusiast. Epicurious has a list of the best cookbooks of 2011 if you are still trying to fill out your shopping list. http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/howtocook/cookbooks/best-cookbooks-2011

Our best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

Light it Up!

Especially in the winter, we often return home after dark. With the Maestro Wireless remote from Lutron at our fingertips, we can turn on the house lights from our car. It makes for easy, safe entry into the home.


The Transgenerational Concept

The Transgenerational Concept

…IS NOT about building specialized “elderly” or “disabled” housing and furnishing them with “adaptive” or “senior” products.

IT IS about designing residential environments and household products to accommodate the widest possible spectrum of those who would use them regardless of age or ability.

A transgenerational house:

  • removes barriers, extends independent living, provides wider options, offers greater choices, and enhances the quality of life for all  the young, the old, the able, the disabled without penalty to any group
  • accommodates those temporary disabilities that most of us acquire throughout out live span, such as falls, sprains, burns, broken bones even pregnancy which limit our activities and curtail our independence.

It does so by integrating human-sensitive architecture, appliances, fixtures, products and communication systems designed for safety, comfort, convenience, accessibility, clean-ability, adjust-ability, ease of use, and bodily fit trans generational features that neutralize the aging process.

Shouldn’t the kitchen, dining area, bath, laundry or a potato peeler be as readily used by a child with a sprained ankle, an octogenarian with an arthritic spine, or a pregnant thirty-something housewife with poor eyesight?

We think so!




Read more: http://www.transgenerational.org/solutions/transgenerational-house.htm#accommodaton#ixzz1cf7Qu56p

Stylish Accessibility

At Diablo Valley Cabinetry, we understand accessibility concerns in the home. Many products offer stylish new looks with function built in.

This toilet paper roll holder also functions as a grab bar that is secure enough for a 250 lb. person to use for stability.

www.moen.com (LR2352DBN)

Trend Setter – USB charging recepticle

For all you tech savvy folks, consider using a couple of these receptacles strategically placed in your kitchen remodel project: Cooper Wiring Devices’ tamper-resistant receptacle with USB Port. This is a great energy saving alternative to all the adapters and computers required to charge the multitude of electronics we all use these days such as cameras, smart phones, tablets, electronic Readers, Bluetooth headsets, etc. It has a power conversion efficiency of above 60% which means about $30 per year savings. If nothing else, it will save on all the adapter cables sitting in your drawer.