Cost vs. Value of Remodeling

If you are concerned about investing money in remodeling your current home, here are a few things to consider:

1) What is the current value of your home as it is?

2) What is the estimated increased value of the remodel project? (see link below)

3) Will remodeling your home enhance your quality of life?

The following link is a report that shows the cost vs. value of remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area for 2011-12:–ca.aspx

If the estimated increased value doesn’t convince you it would be worthwhile to remodel your home, then also consider the years of increased quality of life you will enjoy once your project is completed. Perhaps an updated kitchen will make entertaining family and friends more fun, or a newly designed bathroom will make space for that soaking tub you’ve always wanted. All the value should not be measured in terms of dollars alone.