Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Diablo Valley Cabinetry!

As we finish out 2011, I am thinking of all the beautiful new kitchens our clients will be enjoying as they prepare their holiday meals.

While books seem to have given way to eReaders, I still think a cookbook is a wonderful gift for any cooking enthusiast. Epicurious has a list of the best cookbooks of 2011 if you are still trying to fill out your shopping list. http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/howtocook/cookbooks/best-cookbooks-2011

Our best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

GO – Get Organized

There is no time like the holidays to make us realize the value of a well-organized home. Decorating the house makes all the out of place items look like meaningless clutter. One home improvement that is growing in popularity is the built-in mail center or home office. Whether converting a small hallway nook or entire room, there are many options for creating the perfect organizational center for any space.

Light it Up!

Especially in the winter, we often return home after dark. With the Maestro Wireless remote from Lutron at our fingertips, we can turn on the house lights from our car. It makes for easy, safe entry into the home.


Cost vs. Value of Remodeling

If you are concerned about investing money in remodeling your current home, here are a few things to consider:

1) What is the current value of your home as it is?

2) What is the estimated increased value of the remodel project? (see link below)

3) Will remodeling your home enhance your quality of life?

The following link is a report that shows the cost vs. value of remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area for 2011-12: http://www.remodeling.hw.net/2011/costvsvalue/division/pacific/city/san-francisco–ca.aspx

If the estimated increased value doesn’t convince you it would be worthwhile to remodel your home, then also consider the years of increased quality of life you will enjoy once your project is completed. Perhaps an updated kitchen will make entertaining family and friends more fun, or a newly designed bathroom will make space for that soaking tub you’ve always wanted. All the value should not be measured in terms of dollars alone.

Diablo Valley Cabinetry Rated Highest in Quality for Fourth Year!

Diablo Valley Cabinetry Fourth Consecutive Year Diamond Certified®

Scores Highest in Quality in Local Service Company Customer Satisfaction Study

Diablo Valley Cabinetry proudly announces that we’ve been awarded the prestigious Diamond Certified symbol for the fourth consecutive year after being rated highest in quality in ongoing customer satisfaction ratings performed by American Ratings Corporation.

In order to earn Diamond Certified, a local service company must apply to be rated by American Ratings Corporation (ARC) and pass each step of its twelve-step rating and certification process. ARC actually pulls a random sample of past customers from the applicant company’s files and surveys typically 100 customers by telephone. Not only do the customers rate the applicant company on a 1 to 10 scale for quality, but also they indicate their willingness to return or refer other consumers to the company. Most companies can’t pass the rating because a customer satisfaction survey score of greater than 90 on a 100 scale is required. In addition, ARC verifies liability and workers compensation insurance, state license status, complaint status, business practices, financial stability and legal judgment status. Additionally, ongoing customer satisfaction surveys are conducted to ensure the Diamond Certified Company is maintaining its high customer satisfaction.

For more information, visit www.diamondcertified.org

Aging in Place Sensibilities

1) Accessible entries with safe well lit walkways.

2) Lever style door knobs and faucets for easy access.

3) Fewer transitions in flooring and non-skid surfaces.

4) Sensor light switches and LED night lighting.

5) Seated work stations in kitchen and bath.

6) Special cabinet features for added accessibility.

7) Easily accessible appliances.

The Transgenerational Concept

The Transgenerational Concept

…IS NOT about building specialized “elderly” or “disabled” housing and furnishing them with “adaptive” or “senior” products.

IT IS about designing residential environments and household products to accommodate the widest possible spectrum of those who would use them regardless of age or ability.

A transgenerational house:

  • removes barriers, extends independent living, provides wider options, offers greater choices, and enhances the quality of life for all  the young, the old, the able, the disabled without penalty to any group
  • accommodates those temporary disabilities that most of us acquire throughout out live span, such as falls, sprains, burns, broken bones even pregnancy which limit our activities and curtail our independence.

It does so by integrating human-sensitive architecture, appliances, fixtures, products and communication systems designed for safety, comfort, convenience, accessibility, clean-ability, adjust-ability, ease of use, and bodily fit trans generational features that neutralize the aging process.

Shouldn’t the kitchen, dining area, bath, laundry or a potato peeler be as readily used by a child with a sprained ankle, an octogenarian with an arthritic spine, or a pregnant thirty-something housewife with poor eyesight?

We think so!




Read more: http://www.transgenerational.org/solutions/transgenerational-house.htm#accommodaton#ixzz1cf7Qu56p

Stylish Accessibility

At Diablo Valley Cabinetry, we understand accessibility concerns in the home. Many products offer stylish new looks with function built in.

This toilet paper roll holder also functions as a grab bar that is secure enough for a 250 lb. person to use for stability.

www.moen.com (LR2352DBN)

Trend Setter – USB charging recepticle

For all you tech savvy folks, consider using a couple of these receptacles strategically placed in your kitchen remodel project: Cooper Wiring Devices’ tamper-resistant receptacle with USB Port. This is a great energy saving alternative to all the adapters and computers required to charge the multitude of electronics we all use these days such as cameras, smart phones, tablets, electronic Readers, Bluetooth headsets, etc. It has a power conversion efficiency of above 60% which means about $30 per year savings. If nothing else, it will save on all the adapter cables sitting in your drawer.

Diablo Valley Cabinetry’s Facebook Page Featured on JVF Consulting’s Website

Diablo Valley Cabinetry recently engaged with JVF Consulting to design a visually appealing Facebook page to share recently completed projects with customers and fans. Not only did they do a great job, but they featured our Facebook page in their Blog. Check out the article here. Custom Facebook Design

Please also take a look at our new Facebook fan page and let us know what you think!