The Dollars and ‘Sense’ of a Kitchen Remodel

One of the most common questions we hear from people who visit our showroom for the first time is, “Generally speaking, how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?” We wish there was an easy answer to that question, but there are too many factors to consider. Here is a short list of variables that will impact the overall cost of a kitchen remodel:

  • The size of the kitchen, and whether the space is being reconfigured.
  • Plumbing and electrical needs and changes.
  • The quality of the cabinetry, the options, and the trims.
  • The type of countertop material.
  • The brand of appliances.
  • The type of flooring material.
  • The quality of plumbing and lighting fixtures.
  • The going rate for a dependable licensed contractor in your area.

Before you begin to consider the items listed above, first determine the total amount you can comfortably afford to spend. Next, let your designer know, to the best of your knowledge, what the scope of the work will include. Be realistic about the cost of adding numerous options and trims to your project. Finally, keep in mind that the most visible item you will purchase is the cabinetry, so be sure to choose a reputable cabinetry showroom with experienced designers to help you make the best selection for your project and budget.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry, NARI, has a helpful worksheet for determining how much you can afford to finance for a home remodel project:

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The Craftsmen Network has a helpful cost calculator:

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