The Transgenerational Concept

The Transgenerational Concept

…IS NOT about building specialized “elderly” or “disabled” housing and furnishing them with “adaptive” or “senior” products.

IT IS about designing residential environments and household products to accommodate the widest possible spectrum of those who would use them regardless of age or ability.

A transgenerational house:

  • removes barriers, extends independent living, provides wider options, offers greater choices, and enhances the quality of life for all  the young, the old, the able, the disabled without penalty to any group
  • accommodates those temporary disabilities that most of us acquire throughout out live span, such as falls, sprains, burns, broken bones even pregnancy which limit our activities and curtail our independence.

It does so by integrating human-sensitive architecture, appliances, fixtures, products and communication systems designed for safety, comfort, convenience, accessibility, clean-ability, adjust-ability, ease of use, and bodily fit trans generational features that neutralize the aging process.

Shouldn’t the kitchen, dining area, bath, laundry or a potato peeler be as readily used by a child with a sprained ankle, an octogenarian with an arthritic spine, or a pregnant thirty-something housewife with poor eyesight?

We think so!




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