What is a Trend?

We hear the word “trend” associated with many of the products we purchase. In the world of design, trend describes a design approach currently being used by numerous designers. When the word “trending” is used, that information is typically based on market research of what people have actually purchased in recent fiscal periods.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association recently did a survey of over 350 designers across the United States and Canada to determine overall Kitchen and Bath trends for 2012. The list they compiled included things such as darker finishes, glass backsplashes, and shades of gray.

But just how important are trends when deciding on a unified kitchen or bath design? A good kitchen and bath designer will consider many things when helping clients choose their cabinetry such as the architectural style of the home, the way the family uses the kitchen or bath, the style of the furnishings the family owns, and the color tones used in other rooms throughout the house.

While it might be fun to consider trendy materials when compiling your project wish list, be prepared to leave them out of the overall design. For instance, glass backsplashes might look sparkling in one setting and gaudy in others, and dark or gray stains can look very rich in some spaces while they might make other rooms seem gloomy. Trendy materials should bring cohesiveness to a design and should not be incorporated just for the sake of the trend itself.